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that empowers fast-growing SMBs to scale rapidly and cost efficiently

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Conversion rate higher than human
  • 4X cost efficiency
  • Conversion rate higher than human
  • Consistent performance
  • Unlimited scalability and flexibility
  • Outreach & Nudging, never lose a lead


80% resolution rate
Estimate resolution

* Average across the board

  • 60% cost saving
  • Happy customers
  • Always there, highly responsive
  • Productivity boost
  • No more worries on attrition

10 minutes to setup and tailored to each business

  • Why spend $$$$$ JUST on creating AI solutions when Aissistant can transform your assets and real-time information systems into exceptional AI in just 10 minutes at no cost?

Auto-detect the need for human help and hand-over smoothly

  • Are you concerned about AI behaving improperly or failing to notice important information? Assistant is designed with self-awareness to detect when human assistance or attention is required and will promptly notify you.


  • Assistant operates on SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Online Form, Social, and WebChat!

Seamlessly integrates with your Agent Platform and functions as human

  • Assistant operates in your agent platfrom and collaborate with human team to form a hybrid force, blending into your existing process without any disruptions!

Connect your information system to achieve full loop automation

  • Connects with Any systemwith publically accessible API

Users Success

As low as $0.05 per AI interaction


Straightforward, All features included, No hidden fee, No installation fee


FREE 100 FREE AI Integrations per month
Unlimited usage with if not deployed to agent platforms.
  • Agent Platform Integrations
  • Assets (websites and Google Doc)
  • Smart Tagging
  • Advanced Engine
  • Multi-Modal (image processing)
  • Aissist Ads ( footnote)
Value (popular)

Value package for SMBs

$0.05 per AI Interaction (base engine)
Get the current deal without any risk and additional fees.
  • Advanced Engine ($0.15 per AI interaction)
  • Multi-Modal (image processing)
  • Agent Platform Integrations
  • Assets (websites and Google Doc)
  • Smart Tagging
  • Smart Action (connect with anything)
  • Smart Insight (auto-discovery)
  • Aissist Ads
  • Customized Integrations

Full service (contract based)

-- contact sales
Everything that Value Plan has plus the following
  • Customization
  • Optimization & Maintenance
  • Flat rate or subscription
  • Customized integration with your agent platform
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